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Mar 12, 2013
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Buy Panic Away: Will It Really Stop Panic Attacks & Anxiety?

I have put together this comprehensive Panic Away Program review to help you come to a decision about if it is the right program for you.


Ready To Purchase Panic Away Now?

Click Here For The Official Site, then click the blue “Add To Cart” button towards the bottom of that page. 


Does Panic Away Work?

The one question you more than likely want answered is, “Does Panic Away work?”.  Panic Away is a natural, unique and totally different approach to treating panic and anxiety compared to other conventional mainstream approaches. And it has helped over 70,000 people from all over the world over the last 10 years!

From using the Panic Away course myself, it has taught me a lot about how to approach panic and also anxiety. Beside helping me stop a few panic attacks before they started, it has given me little insights into what is going on and how to deal with it. It has been a great investment for me personally and one of the best panic and anxiety resources I have personally come across. I’ve had a play around and found that the technique for stopping a panic attack can help with other emotions too.


Videos of Those Who Have Used The Program

Here are 2 YouTube videos I found of people who have used the panic away program. In the first, a lady named Tracey talks about her experience using Panic Away. The second is of a compilation of people who talk about how the Program is working for them. Watch both the short videos for yourself.

Please Note: The video testimonials are not put together by the creator of this website. The videos have been uploaded to Youtube by the creators of the Panic Away Program itself. I found them on Youtube and embedded them into this site for your ease of access.



Panic Away claims to have the most submitted testimonials for any anxiety program online. You can view some of them on the official site.

Click Here To See Even More Customer Testimonials On The Official Site

The results on Google Trends for Panic Away shows how it was popular for the first year or so. It has decrease since that first year, but has remained relatively steady in popularity.

Barry and his Panic Away Program has also been featured on Television and talk shows across the USA. Here is one example I found. Watch this video of Barry McDonagh on a Morning TV show talk about Panic Away and what it’s all about.



And remember, it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. That is what helped me make the decision to buy and try it for myself. (More on this guarantee in the “where to buy Panic Away” section below).

So, the best answer to the question “Does Panic Away Work?” is to do what I did and try it out for yourself. No amount of reading reviews or testimonials will answer this question for you personally. The only way is to try it and apply what you learn for yourself. If you are ready to answer this question for yourself, then …


Click Here When You’re Ready To Buy Panic Away At The Official Site
(Then Click Blue “Add To Cart” Button On That Page)



Or continue reading more about the Panic Away program below.


Here are some links to other relevant pages on this site about Panic Away:


Introduction – Why I nearly did not buy Panic Away

I nearly did not buy Panic Away when I first came across it online in 2010. I was unsure if it would help me as I hadn’t really had a panic attack up to that point, but I was familiar with experiencing heightened levels of anxiety. Deciding not to buy Panic Away at that point in time turned out to be a decision I would soon regret. I had a major panic attack while away from home in mid 2010 (see my story here). I now wish I’d made the small investment earlier as I would have had something to help me regain control during that frightening ordeal away from home.

I see The Panic Away Program as more than just a program. To me it’s a resource. It has helped me to get a better understanding of what goes on in regards to panic and anxiety. I have found that just knowing the truth about what is going on as being a huge benefit to calming down quicker. I now have the technique to use on Panic Attacks should they ever come up again. I also have techniques and ideas in regards to calming down General Anxiety when I’m going through stressful times to help me regain control faster as well.

I thought I’d put together this Panic Away review and research it in depth for you, so you can make a more informed decision that I was able to at the time. The information below will also help answer your question even more about does panic away work.


 What is Panic Away?

Panic Away is a program that consists of natural techniques that claim to stop panic attacks and end general anxiety within minutes. It does this by getting your mind out of the way, and letting your nervous system deal with the anxiety the way it is suppose to. It is the power of the mind that drives the continued response of panic and anxiety.

Panic Away Book

Those who buy Panic Away learn how to shift the mind from creating those intense feelings and sensations in your body (and mind), and it helps reduce your anxiety levels so you can feel much calmer and more in control of yourself. You also learn how to stop panic attacks from happening, and should you feel one start to come up, you’ll know exactly what to do to stop it, before it even becomes an issue.

Panic Away uses what it calls “The 21/7 Technique”. This Panic Away one move technique claims to stop panic attacks in 21 seconds and reduce general anxiety in less than 7 minutes. It teaches people how to stop their symptoms, and not just cope and live with them.

Dr Viktor Frankl (Psychiatrist and Author of best-selling book “Man’s Search for Meaning”), was a practitioners who was one of the pioneers in regards to work on anxiety and it’s treatment. These practitioners saw it as a behavioural problem rather than a mental illness. Work from such pioneers was pushed aside in the 1960’s due to anti-anxiety medications being a more favoured method of treatment amongst the medical community.

Panic Away and The 21/7 Technique has a basis on the work of these pioneers, and has being improved upon with the modern knowledge of today, into a technique that is simple enough for anyone to apply, and highly effective as well.



How Did Panic Away Come About?

The name of the creator of Panic Away is Barry McDonagh. Barry experienced his first panic attack during his college years. After his first terrifying episode, he started experiencing more of them in the most inconvenient places, such as in public and even while driving. Just the fear of having another one caused him to avoid people and situations. His general anxiety level was heightened most of the time as a result of all this going on.

Barry claims that he accidently stumbled upon his own cure when he decided to try something based on going against everything he was learning from research. He improved the technique and worked on improving the general anxiety as well. It became his “21/7 Technique” which is what the Panic Away program is based on.

Through his program, Barry McDonagh has helped over 150,000 people world-wide stop their panic attacks and help calm their general anxiety. Barry is currently on a mission called Mission 2016. This mission is about reaching 1,000,000 people suffering from anxiety by the end of 2016, and helping them stop panic attack and help calm anxiety.



What Are The Expected Benefits From Using Panic Away?

The benefits of those who purchase panic away and use the Panic Away 21/7 technique are short, but blunt. It claims to not just be a way of coping, but a way of taking back control of your life and living it free of Panic Attacks and heightened levels of General Anxiety. You will be able to go back to doing the things you used to do before, and feel confident that panic attacks are a thing of the past.

What To Watch Out For

Should there be any need for concern when you use the program? I’ve put together some things I felt important to bring to your attention before purchasing or using the Panic Away Program.

  • DO NOT stop or reduce taking medications without the supervision of your Doctor, even if you start to feel better. I can’t stress this enough from personal experience. It’s not a good idea! When you come off some medications, you can get some rather unpleasant side effects or it could make your anxiety condition worse. Your doctor will know the best way to reduce, or come off medications IF they decide you can. Talk to your Doctor about the Panic Away Program and how using it is going for you, to assist them make a decision with you in regards to your treatment options.


  • Panic Away will work, or at least help IF you apply what you learn and commit to learning and implementing the technique. Panic Away claims to help almost everyone who purchase’s it and applies what they learn.


  • Panic Away is NOT Meditation, NLP or Hypnosis. It is CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) psychology with a unique approach regarding anxiety. Here is an article that discusses the role of CBT in the treatment of anxiety.


  • There have been cases where Panic Away has not been able to cure anxiety. Panic Away is confident that it can help almost anyone, so how do you know if it can help you? One of the reasons they offer the money back guarantee is for the cases where it doesn’t prove effective for someone, so my personal opinion is that you only risk losing panic attacks and anxiety by trying it.


  • Panic Away claims to be able to cure anxiety in more than half of cases, and can help almost anyone with anxiety to manage it. I personally believe that the techniques you learn within the course would at least help educate you and give you a technique to manage it, regardless of your situation.


  • What you have to realise with Panic Away, and any anxiety program or treatment is that anxiety is a natural response. Everyone experiences differing levels of anxiety in response to certain stimulus. What Panic Away helps you do is calm down that irrational response and take control of it so you react with a more “normal level” of anxiety to situations in life and function like the average person does.



Answers To Some Other Questions You May Have

  • While panic away can help you stop panic attacks immediately, anxiety is a conditioned response. What this means it that it takes time to un-learn the anxiety response and re-learn a more effective one. Panic Away claims to help you calm your anxiety in under 7 minutes (with the 21/7 technique), and that you can expect to see big improvements for the long term within 3 to 4 weeks (as long as you commit to following the program).


  • If you experience General Anxiety without the Panic Attacks, then yes, the course it useful and beneficial for you as well. Panic Attacks are when your anxiety response peaks to the point that the bodies “fight or flight” response kicks into overdrive. Having general anxiety is about this “fight or flight” mechanism being too active and Panic Away can help calm it down.


  • If Panic Away fails to help you, the guarantee on the program lasts for 60 days. If you feel it hasn’t helped you to eliminate your anxiety or panic attacks, you can get a full refund.



What Do You Get When You Buy Panic Away?

Here is a list of everything you get when you purchase panic away:

(PLEASE NOTE: What I have listed below that is included with the Panic Away program was correct at the time of writing this post. Please double check the official site for yourself in case it has been updated since).


Panic Away Program

  • The Panic Away Book (around 250 pages): This is the core of the program. 250 pages might seem like a lot to read, but it is an in-depth education and the book is formatted well in an easy to read sized font.Within the book you will learn what causes an anxiety disorder, the 21/7 Technique for stopping panic attacks and eliminating general anxiety, and what is called the C.A.L.M recovery which is about getting on with life. The book also has examples for real life anxiety provoking situations.Here are just some of the things covered in the book itself:- The causes of panic and anxiety
    – The 21/7 technique
    – Examples for real situations (driving anxiety, agoraphobia, fear of flying and public speaking)
    – Handling anxious thoughts and bodily sensations.
    – Dealing with morning anxiety and night panic.
    – Dealing with OCD and Phobias
    – and more!



  • Panic Away DVD (48 minutes): Helps you to fast track your recovery. Makes the “21/7 Technique easy to learn and apply. I don’t have this DVD as it seems to be an addition made to the program after I bought the product back in 2010, but it sounds very useful if you’re in a hurry to learn how to stop panic attacks.


  • Panic Away CD’s (x2): If you prefer listening to lessons, then this is useful. It is also useful because you don’t have to be reading and remembering while you are doing the exercise. They cover things like:- How To Release Deep Seated General Anxiety- End Driving Anxiety- Eliminate Night Panic
    – Ease Anxious Thoughts
    – Stop Fearing Unusual Bodily Sensations.

60 Days Money Back Guarantee


  • As a bonus, you get Access to The Member’s Forum which is an online community of qualified therapists and lay people helping you through the program and with your panic and anxiety condition. It would be better if this was a Facebook group, but the forum is where you can ask any questions, answer other people questions and interact with other users of the program. This is a life-membership and worth the cost of the initial investment in the course alone!NOTE: This bonus is ONLY available if you purchase through the Official Site only.Here is a screen shot of the home page of the forum. Notice the number of topics and replies under success stories and also how there is a birthday calendar for that extra personal touch.

Panic Away Forum



Where To Buy Panic Away At The Best Possible Price?


The best place to buy Panic Away is on the Official Site at a discounted price of only $97.00US for the physical version and only $67.95US for the digital download version. This way you get the 60 day money back guarantee and forum access, all for a much cheaper price.

Please note that these are the prices at the time of me writing this and what is included may change. Also I haven’t included shipping costs for physical versions because it would vary from location to location.

My suggestion is that you purchase the digital version from the OFFICIAL PANIC AWAY SITE just like I did. You save quite a bit of money because they don’t have to create the physical materials and packaging, and thus can pass the savings on to you.

You get instant access to the product as downloadable files once payment is complete and you get the 60 day money back guarantee, plus access to the members forum.

Like I have said, the forum alone is worth the cost of the program. You can pay safely using PayPal or your credit card through the Official Site.


How To Buy

  1. Find the blue “Add To Cart” button purchasing link on the official site
  2. Fill in all the applicable personal information and payment details.
  3. Once your payment is accepted, you’ll be redirected to a page where you will be able to instantly download The Panic Away Book and all the bonuses. You will still get instant access to the digital version, even if you purchase the physical version



What is The Final Verdict?

Based on the information I have put together above, and my own personal using of the program, it seems like it has a good chance of helping you get the results you are after. Like I mentioned above, you have nothing to lose except your panic attacks and anxiety by giving it ago because of the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. This guarantee tells me that Barry stands behind his product so much that he is taking all the risk of it on himself. It is one of the reasons that helped me finally decide to give it a go. Don’t leave it until after your next panic attack like I did. That’s one decision i regretted.

My intention for this review was to find as much information as I could, along with my personal experience using the product, to help you come to a decision about buying Panic Away. I hope you found it useful.

I also hope that you find Panic Away as useful and educational as I did when I bought it back in late 2010, and that you are added to the many success stories and one of the 1,000,000 people in Barry’s “Mission 2016”. If you’re ready to say goodbye to anxiety and panic attacks using a way that has helped over 150,000 people world-wide, then it’s time to give this a go.

If you do nothing else right now, head over to the official site via the link below and watch Barry’s video on the main page. Also sign up just below the video for Barry’s Free Mini-Series “3 Things NOT To Do During a Panic Attack” from which I’m sure you’ll learn alot.


CLICK HERE To Buy Panic Away From The Official Site Now

And Get Relief From Panic Attacks and Anxiety

(Then click the blue “Add To Cart” button near the bottom of that page)



Panic Away Program 

The information contained on this website is not written or reviewed by a medical professional. It is intended for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace professional medical advice or treatment. Always get your symptoms and condition checked and follow the advice of a practicing medical professional.



Dec 30, 2013
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